“The quality of your work is nothing short of outstanding. But it’s more than that: Your connection with people is about the best we’ve ever witnessed. You made 65 new friends the other night.  The next day, Karla and I heard from too many people to count. Our group loved you. The chemistry was amazing!”

— John and Karla

“…about six months ago you recommended John George for a corporate event I was planning; we held it last weekend and it was an unmitigated success! He got a room full of uptight, skeptical lawyers shaking their heads in disbelief — and laughing and engaged the whole time. For the next two days people were still questioning how he did certain tricks. We could not have been more delighted. Thank you for this terrific referral.”

— Elizabeth Essner

“I just wanted to thank you for your outrageous performance today at our table for my dad’s 76th birthday at the Hilton Waterfront Hotel in Huntington Beach… we could not stop talking about how you got those potatoes under the cups and how you got the card we signed not only into your pocket, but into a sealed envelope. Although the brunch was absolutely breathtaking, your gracious hospitality and wonderful performance really put the icing on the cake. That really made my dad’s year. You are a top-shelf class act.”

— Christian Gassler

“A HUGE thank you for wowing us with your magic last night! Everyone was gasping aloud at your mind-boggling magic for our new year’s eve party. Many of us stayed up well past midnight excitedly discussing, ‘How’d he do this?’ ‘How’d he do that?’ Kevin and I have been responding to texts from our friends all day. Everyone and their kids have been talking about your performance since you left last night! You made our party, and started our year off with a thrill! Here’s to a magical 2014!”

— Rhonda and Kevin

“What a great close-up show you have… really loved your show last night. You really have a solid close-up act. I liked it a lot because it was a real act all tied together. We were talking about your magic but also how strong your personality plays. We thought that was a really big important part of your success. Not just awesome magic but a very friendly, entertaining magician as well.”

— Godfrey

Magic Shows for corporate events, meetings, parties in San Diego County, Carlsbad, La Jolla, Irvine, Orange County, Gardena, L.A. Inland Empire, Los Angeles, Downtown San Diego, North Hollywood, Poway, Torrance, Newport Beach, Culver City and all Surrounding areas of Southern California.